# Iconography

# About

The Kickstand UI icon library is a compilation of commonly used icons for applications and websites. All icons are SVGs to improve performance, accessibility, and provide flexible implementation.

The icons were developed using the following guidelines:

  • 24x24 Grid
  • 1.5 stroke width
  • 1.5 minimum negative space between elements
  • fills and strokes inherit from the current color

The icons were developed in Adobe XD (opens new window) and the file is available for download here (opens new window).


The brand-specific icons (facebook, twitter, etc.) did not follow all of these guidelines. Every effort was made to make sure they were consistent with their existing brand guidelines.

# Animated Icons

There are a few animated icons that have been created to help convey loading states to your users. These icons are also available in the loading component with some additional features.

<ks-icon icon="loading_ring_spinner" />
<ks-icon icon="loading_circle_spinner" />
<ks-icon icon="loading_ellipsis_pulse" />
<ks-icon icon="loading_ellipsis_typing" />