# Border Radius Utility Classes

With Kickstand UI's border utility classes you can easily control border direction, size, and color without writing any custom styles.

br-none br-t-none br-tl-none br-tr-none br-b-none br-bl-none br-br-none br-l-none br-r-nonebr-sm br-t-sm br-tl-sm br-tr-sm br-b-sm br-bl-sm br-br-sm br-l-sm br-r-smbr-md br-t-md br-tl-md br-tr-md br-b-md br-bl-md br-br-md br-l-md br-r-md br-lg br-t-lg br-tl-lg br-tr-lg br-b-lg br-bl-lg br-br-lg br-l-lg br-r-lg br-xl br-t-xl br-tl-xl br-tr-xl br-b-xl br-bl-xl br-br-xl br-l-xl br-r-xl br-pill br-t-pill br-tl-pill br-tr-pill br-b-pill br-bl-pill br-br-pill br-l-pill br-r-pill br-circle br-t-circle br-tl-circle br-tr-circle br-b-circle br-bl-circle br-br-circle br-l-circle br-r-circle