# Border Design Tokens

# Default Border

The default border variable is a little unique from the other variables in that it uses values from other variables. For example, the size uses values from the $spacing-sizes variable and the color variable uses values from the $colors variable.

$border: (
    style: solid,
    size: xxxs,   // from $spacing-sizes
    color: light, // from $colors
:root {
    --ks-default-border: solid var(--ks-spacing-size-xxxs) rgba(var(--ks-color-light-base), 1);

# Usage

# SASS Mixins

Abbreviation Meaning
b() border - all sides
b-x() border - left and right
b-y() border - top and bottom
b-t() border - top
b-l() border - left
b-r() border - right
b-b() border - bottom

# Example

.border {
    @include b();

.border-left-and-right {
    @include b-x();

.border-top-and-bottom {
    @include b-y();

.border-left {
    @include b-l();

.border-right {
    @include b-r();

.border-top {
    @include b-t();

.border-b {
    @include b-b();

# Parameters

The mixin can accept additional parameters in order to override the default settings.

Name Type Default Value Description
$style string $border-style Determines the style of the borer - (solid, dashed, etc.)
$size string $border-size The width of the border - (xs, sm, md, etc.)
$color string $border-color The base color of the border - (primary, dark, light, etc.)
$variant string base (if not defined in $border-color) This variation of the border color - (lighter, light, darker, etc.)
$opacity decimal 1 (if not defined in $border-color) The opacity of the color - (a number between 0 and 1)
$important bool false determines whether or not the !important property is added to the css rule

# Example

border(dashed, xxs)
border(dotted, xs)
border-l(solid, md, primary)
.dashed {
    @include b(dashed, xxs);

.dotted {
    @include b(dotted, xs);

.solid {
    @include b-l(solid, md, primary);

# !important

The last parameter in this mixin is $important and defining all of the parameters just to make your style !important may seem a bit tedious - b-l(solid, md, primary, base, 1, true). Don't worry! You can pass in a named parameter as a shortcut: b(dashed, $important: true);.