# Framework Overview

Integrating Kickstand UI into your framework is not required in order to take advantage of the component library. However, doing so enables the web components to behave like part of the framework.

# Build Process

Kickstand UI's styles are built using SASS (opens new window). Using SASS is not required to use and customize Kickstand UI for your needs, but we have created some great SASS tools to really accelerate the development process.

In addition to compiling the SASS, you will need to incorporate post-processing into your build pipeline. The SASS is built without vendor prefixes and should be added using a tool like PostCSS's (opens new window) Autoprefixer (opens new window) to provide cross-browser consistency.

If there are any integration issues with any of the frameworks listed or if you are interested in how integrate with another framework, please feel free to reach out, but also take a looks at Stencil's great documentation (opens new window).