# Adding Kickstand UI to a React Project

# Add Components

Import the applyPolyfills() and defineCustomElements() functions from the Kickstand UI loader in your index.js file and execute them (as shown below) and you can start using Kickstand UI's components just like normal HTML elements.

import { applyPolyfills, defineCustomElements } from 'kickstand-ui/loader';
applyPolyfills().then(() => {


React has a reputation for not playing nice with web components (opens new window). Being aware of these challenges, Kickstand UI has taken action to make sure the components are fully compatible with React. If there is an issue, please reach out.

# Adding Styles

# Using CSS

If you are using CSS, all you need to do is import the styles in Kickstand UI library into your index.js file.

import 'kickstand-ui/dist/kickstand-ui/kickstand-ui.css';

# Using SASS

If your app isn't already configured with SASS, you will first need to install node-sass:

npm install -D node-sass
# or
yarn add node-sass

Rename src/App.css to src/App.scss and update src/App.js to import src/App.scss.

Now import Kickstand UI's styles into the src/App.scss file.

@import '~kickstand-ui/src/scss/styles';