# Checkbox

The checkbox type allows you to select single values for submission in a form. If you would like to provide multiple options, check out the checklist component.

<ks-form-field type="checkbox" label="Unchecked" />
<ks-form-field type="checkbox" label="Checked" checked />

# Disabled

<ks-form-field type="checkbox" label="Disabled Unchecked" disabled />
<ks-form-field type="checkbox" label="Disabled Checked" disabled checked />

# Indeterminate

<ks-form-field type="checkbox" label="Indeterminate Checkbox" indeterminate />
<ks-form-field type="checkbox" label="Disabled Indeterminate Checkbox" indeterminate disabled />

# Usage

For more information on how to use the form field component and it's available configurations, check out the documentation.