# Date and Time

Kickstand UI's date and time input fields are native HTML input types.


The "date" input types (date, month, week, time, etc.) do not have great browser coverage (opens new window). If a browser does not provide support for the specific input type, it will be displayed as text input field. Please make sure to test to ensure you have the desired user experience.

<ks-form-field type="date" label="Choose your birthday" />

# Month

<ks-form-field type="month" label="Credit Card Expiration" />

# Week

<ks-form-field type="week" label="Week of your reservation" />

# Time

<ks-form-field type="time" label="What time is it?" />

# Usage

For more information on how to use the form field component and it's available configurations, check out the documentation.