# Radiolist

Checklists are great if users need to be able to choose multiple options from a predetermined list. Kickstand UI's checklist leverages the existing <option> element to provide the checklist options and just like the option element you can pre-select options using the select attribute as well as specify alternate values with the value attribute.

<ks-form-field type="radiolist" label="Choose your next office mate">
    <option selected value="michael.scott@dundermifflin.com">Michael Scott</option>
    <option value="dwight.schrutte@dundermifflin.com">Dwight Schrutte</option>
    <option disabled value="pam.beasley@dundermifflin.com">Pam Beasley</option>
    <option value="jim.halpert@dundermifflin.com">Jim Halpert</option>
    <option value="Meredith.palmer@dundermifflin.com">Meredith Palmer</option>

# Usage

For more information on how to use the form field component and it's available configurations, check out the documentation.