# Icons

The icon component is designed to take advantage of Kickstand UI's icon library. To see a full list of available icons, check out the iconography page.

<ks-icon icon="search"></ks-icon>
<ks-icon icon="question"></ks-icon>

# Labels

By default the icon will have the attribute aria-hidden="true" to prevent confusion with assistive technologies. If you are using icons in place of text for things like icon buttons, you can pass the text to the label property or the ID of the container with the text to be read using the labelled-by property.

    <ks-icon icon="user" label="user settings"></ks-icon>

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
icon icon the name of the icon you would like to display string undefined
label label the label used by assistive technologies to describe the icon string undefined
labelledBy labelled-by the reference to a label to help assistive technologies describe the icon string undefined