# Images

The Kickstand UI image component comes with a number of added features to help improve your page load times as well as the user experience once it is loaded.

The default component looks and feels a lot like a normal img element. You use the src and alt attributes just as you normally would.

<ks-img src="/images/demo/michael_scott_jesus.jpg" alt="Michael Scott"></ks-img>

# Fallback Image

If the image specified in the src attribute fails for any reason, you can specify a fallback or default image using the fallback-src attribute.

    alt="Michael Scott"

# Lazy-Loading

A great performance feature is the ability to lazy-load off-screen images and control when they get loaded. This example is above the fold so it will load right away because it is already in the view-port, but the images farther down the page will be lazy-loaded.

<ks-img src="/images/demo/superstitious.jpg" alt="Michael Scott" lazy></ks-img>

# Height and Width

You can explicitly specify the width and height on an image using the height and width properties. This will improve page performance as it reduces content shifting as it will pre-allocate the space on the page for the image.

<ks-img src="/images/demo/superstitious.jpg" height="300" width="500"></ks-img>

# Aspect Ratio

Sometimes you don't always know what the height and width will be on an image depending on the screen size or because the content is dynamically generated. In these cases, it is better to specify an aspect ratio and Kickstand UI will auto-generate the height and the width on the fly for you. This is especially important if you are lazy-loading images because the browser does not know how to calculate how much space the image will occupy until the image is downloaded and rendered.

<ks-img aspect-ratio="3:2"></ks-img>

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
alt alt alternate text for image string undefined
lazy lazy toggles whether an image will be lazy loaded boolean undefined
src src url to image string undefined
fallbackSrc fallback-src image url used if src image fails string undefined
threshold threshold distance from the bottom of the viewport a lazy image will display (in pixels) number 300
height height sets the height attribute on the img element any undefined
width width sets the width attribute on the img element number undefined
aspectRatio aspect-ratio sets the width and height attribute on the img element based on the defined aspect-ratio string undefined